LAN & NAI Hanson Host COVID-19 Webinar on Reopening Your Workplace

Reopening after COVID-19

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Architects and engineers have a responsibility to ensure offices, schools, hospitals, and buildings of all types are safe for occupancy. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the professionals at LAN understood immediately that our clients would need to lean on our expertise to help make decisions about concerns such as interior layouts and building mechanical systems. LAN’s architects and engineers have been studying the trends and following the science to provide solutions that will assist our clients in reopening with confidence.

As experts in the emerging field, LAN Vice President and mechanical engineer Tom Wighard, and LAN Assistant Vice President and architect Matt Wolfe were asked to join an expert panel on “Reopening a Healthier Workplace” among the COVID-19 outbreak.

On June 30, 2020, NAI Hanson, a commercial real estate company hosted an informational panel webinar.  Matt and Tom were joined by Jaime Patriarca, a facilities manager from SUEZ North America, for an hour-long conversation that provided insightful short and long term safety recommendations.

What you will learn

Architectural Immediate Solutions

  • Low cost strategies to increase sanitation of common areas and sanitizer stations`
  • How to hold in-person meetings while maintaining social distancing.
  • Creating a strategic distancing office layout for returning employees.
  • The importance of increasing employee wellness programs.
  • How to accommodate new guest policies for those entering the building.

Architectural Long-Term Solutions

  • What is UV light and UV-C and what is their effectiveness against COVID-19.
  • What materials have natural anti-microbial properties that shorten the period the virus can survive on a surface.
  • How touch-less technology in office spaces can help avoid unnecessary contact with potentially infected surfaces.

HVAC & Plumbing System Considerations

  • The risk of prolonged plumbing system inactivity and steps to safely resume water service.
  • How and when to increase the amount of fresh air coming into the office.
  • What humidity levels you should maintain in your building to decrease the spread of a virus.
  • How maintaining internal building temperature can help fight the spread of viruses.
  • What is bi-polar ionization and how does it reduce the spread of viruses in the air.
  • What is displacement ventilation and how it can help reduce the spread of viruses.

Facilities Management Considerations

  • Safely reopening from a human resource perspective.
  • Who are the stakeholders in your building reopening and how to coordinate efforts.
  • What safety procedures, such as temperature checks, should be put in place for people entering the building.
  • Procedures for handling mail and package distribution.
  • How to keep your reception desk safe.

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