From the Desk of Kenneth Karle

December 18, 2014


You can find these words on the back of our business cards. They sum up what we do. They encompass all areas of the consulting services we offer, not just building design, but problem solving on many fronts.

We are thrilled when we can listen to your needs and offer not only the obvious solutions, but suggest alternatives that bring the entire project to a higher level. We try to solve tangential needs while addressing why the project was needed in the first place.

Solutions are of no value if they cannot be implemented. Realistic approaches that can be built and commissioned will provide lasting benefits, sustainability and value to the user.

We love brainstorming with you and implementing solutions with lasting benefits. This iterative process goes beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture and engineering. You, our clients, bring us such fascinating projects and we are grateful for that!

Thank you for the trust and support you have all shown us through the years. We are about to begin our 50th year and hope you will celebrate that with us next summer!

Have a blessed Christmas.