LAN & AML Infuse New Energy Into Boutique DC Hotel

October 2, 2017

LAN architects and Anderson/Miller, Ltd. (AML) interior designers recently finished a posh re-imagining of the Washington Court Hotel that included renovations to the bar, “525 To Go,” Grab N Go, and lounge area.

“The Washington Court Hotel was the perfect project to redefine space for the 21st century, while sustaining a clean and upscale feel,” said Jim Sanders, Director of Architecture at LAN Associates. “Hotel patrons want collaborative spaces encouraging conversation and productivity. Our creative team worked diligently to achieve this vision.”

The centerpiece of the project is the bar, which creates a linked space between itself and the Main Lobby. A Grab N Go restaurant and outdoor patio have been introduced to provide flexible dining options for guests and visitors. Building on flexible dining options, the renovations included a lounge area adjacent to the Grab N Go and outdoor patio.

“We are excited that our plans to transform the hotel into a refreshingly modern 21st century destination are now a reality,” said Lewis Perry of the Washington Court Hotel. “With the combined vision of LAN Associates and Anderson/Miller, Ltd., guests will encounter modern and sleek spaces – and our commitment to outstanding guest services. This strategic partnership yielded the modern vision we had to enhance our guests’ experience.”

“The Interior Design concept for the bar renovation and new construction of the Grab N Go and Lounge Area was to create a mix of classical elements derived from the Industrial Revolution with modern concepts and contemporary art to create a story referencing both the location of the Washington Court Hotel and the history of Washington, D.C.,” said Tricia King of Anderson/Miller, Ltd.

Situated near the U.S. Capitol Building, the National Mall and the Newseum, the Washington Court Hotel opened in 1985 and is a family-owned business. Recently, the hotel has undergone a 3,611 square foot, $950,000 renovation to the hotel’s bar, “525 To Go,” Grab N Go, and lounge area. The project was part of a total $15,000,000 million hotel renovation.