LAN to Collect Hurricane Relief Items to Support Native Home to LAN Architect & Island of Dominica

September 28, 2017
Hurricane Relief

In the recent weeks, there have been several disastrous hurricanes all over the world.  One hit home for LAN employee, Sabastion Carlton, who is originally from the Island of Dominica, also known as “Nature’s Island”. Hurricane Maria left a wake of destruction in her path.  What first began as a category one hurricane, quickly and unexpectedly, turned into a category five, making it as some would describe one of the worst hurricanes to have ever hit Dominica.

Dominica has a population of nearly 70,000 and is home to 1,000 medical students from an extension university in New Jersey.  Hurricane Maria has destroyed entire villages and thousands of homes, leaving people stranded and without shelter.

In an effort to provide relief to the island, LAN donated supplies and materials including water purifiers, generators and tools.  LAN is also coordinating a dry food and clothing drive in the New York and New Jersey offices.  This drive will be the first of many, as it is expected to take years for the island to rebuild.

LAN encourages the public, as well as other businesses and residents, to donate to the Dominica food and clothing drive. The collection will conclude on Friday, October 13.

Requested Donations Include:

  • Water Bottles/Gallons
  • Clothing
  • Dry Food Only Including: Canned beans, Dry beans, Peanut butter, Oats, Canned vegetables (with no or low sodium), Low-sodium soups, Canned tuna in water, Rice/Quinoa, Nuts (unsalted), Cereal, Chicken, Beef and Vegetable broth and stock

Additional Tips:

  • Canned goods with pop lids are better than canned goods that required a can opener
  • Avoid foods packaged in glass
  • Do not donate foods that are past the expiration date

Public donations will be accepted at the front desk of our New York office located at 252 Main Street, Goshen, NY and New Jersey office located at 445 Godwin Ave. Ste. 9, Midland Park, NJ. Questions directed towards the food and clothing drive can be directed to Jen Gangeri, Marketing Coordinator at 201-447-6400.