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Corporate and Commercial Architecture and Engineering Example

Design-build and design-bid-build are two different models for the delivery of design services required for construction projects.

At LAN, we pride ourselves on providing customized service that fits our client’s needs. LAN offers a contract delivery method that reduces costs, improves collaboration, and accelerates the implementation schedule. By partnering with a General Contractor, LAN can integrate the architectural and engineering design process with construction to provide a turnkey service using a design-build delivery model.          


The design-build delivery model provides one team in a single contractual relationship providing the Owner/Client with a single source of interaction, responsibility, and accountability from design through construction. In a design-build model, you are contracting a single team who will work together from day one. This contract model provides a turnkey solution typically with a guaranteed maximum price (aka; “GMP”) which enables some project phases to overlap and/or occur simultaneously. 


A design-bid-build delivery model typically starts with hiring a design professional who will work with you to design and document your project for bidding by a Contractor. The Owner or Client will have a contractual relationship with the Design Professional, and a separate contract with the Contractor. 

Why Choose the
Construction Model?

Cost, efficiency, and convenience are all big factors behind the selection of a design-build model. As a client, you will work with a single point of contact from project kickoff to completion. If your project is being built using a design-build model, your design professional and Contractor are collaborating during the design process, which results in good coordination and cost savings. This approach should limit surprises resulting in fewer change orders during construction, faster timelines, and decreased cost.

What Makes LAN’s Design-Build Projects A Success?

Ask our clients! A successful design-build project is dependent on the architectural and contractor team’s ability to integrate services and collaborate on the ideal solution. LAN is very selective with contracting partners for design-build projects. We only partner with contractors that are financially sound, share our core values, and have a proven record of success. Whether we are teaming up with a longtime collaborator or a contractor who is a first-time partner in the design build process, LAN is dedicated to delivering a quality product and providing outstanding service to our clients. 

Transparency & Communication

Together with the contractor, LAN walks our clients through the entire design and construction process. Keeping you informed and involved every step of the way ensures you are in complete control. This is key to achieving our goal of a smooth design and construction process and a finished product that captures your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Accurate Pricing

Design-Build projects are cost estimated throughout multiple phases of the design process so that we can provide accurate budgets early in the project, instead of waiting until the design phase is complete and bidding can be started.

Vast Experience with All Service Options

LAN is a multi-disciplined architecture and engineering firm with broad market sector and project type experience. LAN provides services in both the design-bid-build and design-build models, and our attention to detail reflects a firm that is accustomed to the scrutiny of competitive public bidding.

Is There a Downside to The Design-Build Model?

You may be asking yourself; if the design-build model is cheaper and faster, there must be a downside, right? When comparing the design-bid-build and design-build models, it’s helpful not to think in terms of which one is better, but rather which one fits your specific project.

  • The design-build model tends to be more cost effective because drawings do not need to be as detailed when decisions and alternate approaches are discussed while preparing formal construction documents. In this context, drawings that are less detailed are okay because your design team and contractor have a contractual connection, meaning you, as the owner, do not assume risk associated with a lack of detail or clarity on the design intent.
  • Most public entities are required to procure contracting services for construction projects through a competitive bidding process. For this reason, public projects typically require a design-bid-build approach, unless pricing through competitive bidding is pre-established.

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