Plumbing Engineering

LAN’s plumbing engineers have the experience to design reliable systems at any scale. Working in conjunction with LAN’s architectural and engineering departments, they create tailored designs that meet the unique needs of each project. LAN’s Plumbing Engineering Department provides a broad range of plumbing design services for educational, industrial, commercial, municipal, multi-family housing, and senior living facilities.

Energy and Cost Efficient

Using the latest technologies and advances in industry equipment, LAN’s plumbing engineering department concentrates on energy efficiency and equipment reliability to create systems that last and reduce costs.

Advanced Solutions for Water Conservation

LAN’s integrated plumbing systems provide advanced solutions for water conservation, treatment, and reclamation. From simple solutions like low flow fixtures to complex systems for rainwater harvesting, LAN can help you find the right solutions to lower water consumption without sacrificing performance.

Industry Leaders

LAN’s experience in plumbing and engineering comes from decades in system design. This vast hands on experience has led to a true understanding of the needs of renovation, upgrade, and new construction projects that can only be earned from years of serving as an industry leader.

Plumbing Engineering Services

LAN Associates plumbing engineers offer a level of skill that comes from working on a wide variety of services. Our team of professionals have decades of hands on experience working with the latest trade technology to design large and small scale systems.


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