Multi-Family Housing Architects and Engineers

Ensuring the Safety and Comfort of Home

Multi-family Housing Architects and Engineers

LAN understands that homes have a deep and lasting impact on who we are. Our approach to multi-family housing projects is grounded in using innovative design excellence to improve the quality of the human experience. With every project, LAN creates a structure that fosters a sense of comfort, safety, freedom, and community.

Full Service Means Fast Service

With in-house departments like environmental, MEP, and surveying services, LAN can handle every aspect of your project. Having one team, acting with unified purpose, allows a greater level of communication and collaboration in the early stages of a project. This results in shortened development timelines and produces a superior finished product.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable building design is not just environmentally responsible; it is a cost saving measure. LAN’s expertise with efficient HVAC systems, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and building thermal envelope improvements can help you keep costs down and tenant satisfaction up.

We Value Our Relationships

LAN prides itself on the strong relationships we build working with property managers, condo associations, property boards, and management firms. We set a high standard for the quality of our work and are proactive in communicating project updates. This has earned us a reputation as a dependable partner and an easy recommendation for projects of any scope. 

Experienced Problem Solvers

From the logistics of ground up construction, to capital improvements on decades old buildings, you can expect the unexpected when building a multi-family housing facility. Through proper due diligence and problem-solving proficiencies earned through a depth of experience with investigation, remediation, repairs, replacements, and building modifications, LAN can provide a smooth development process.

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"On behalf of the Asbury Tower Residents Association, I need to let you know what a thrill it is to live in the Asbury Tower because of your efforts. The exterior and interior of the building are beautiful. The apartments are superb. I have never lived in a home as magnificent as my new apartment. "

"I am pleased to provide a recommendation for LAN Associates, a company we have found to be a highly skilled group of architects and engineers. The Housing Authority has had a working relationship with LAN Associates since 2008. They are a very respectable, professional, and efficient firm which runs their business with integrity and skill. We have worked with LAN Associates on various projects at our facility and have always found them to be dependable, straightforward, and honest."

Download Our Housing Brochure

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