Land Use Regulatory Services

LAN’s Land Use Regulatory Services professionals navigate the intricate procedures necessary to obtain permits to work within environmentally sensitive areas. Their mission is to stay up to date on the latest laws, codes, and regulations to help clients cut through red tape and streamline the building process. Our team navigates clients through the federal, state, and local approval processes by addressing regulatory programs administered by agencies such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NJDEP, NYSDEC, NYCDEP, and PADEP

Preemptively Identify and Address Requirements

LAN can determine the presence or absence of regulated areas during the initial planning and conceptual design phase. We then identify the limits of these areas and promptly evaluate potential permitting requirements. This is critical to establishing a clear list of long lead approval requirements and maintaining an accurate schedule and budget.

Avoid Potential Deal Breakers

Early identification of potential roadblocks drives the efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction capabilities associated with LAN’s full-service projects and is key to our success in avoiding project delays. Our method identifies and nullifies potential deal breakers and ensures a smooth process.

Wetlands and Water Resource Specialists

LAN has certified professional wetlands scientists and water resource professionals in-house. These experts are intimately familiar with wetland and flood hazard regulations and bring unmatched hydrologic and hydraulic engineering capabilities to specialty projects.

Personalized and Relationship Driven Service

LAN Associates offers the personalized touch you would expect from a local firm and the versatility and expertise of a large company with a deep bench of professionals. Our full-service team maintains an open line of communication throughout your project’s lifecycle.

Land Use Regulatory Services

Regardless of the nature and scope of your project, LAN can provide the necessary services, insight, and proper due diligence prior to acquiring or while looking to improve a site.

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