Reopening Church After COVID-19: Keeping Your Parishioners Safe From the Coronavirus

While regulations are slightly different from state to state, houses of worship in the tri-state area can once again open their doors to parishioners while following state and local guidelines.  

Whether you are already holding in person services with strict safety precautions or have opted to serve your congregation virtually, one thing is for certain; the situation is fluid. It is important to be prepared with the latest information and professional advice so you can adapt and continue to serve your congregation as the facts on the ground evolve.  

We’re Here to Help!

As architects and engineers with an extensive background in ecclesiastical building design, LAN Associates has been studying the impacts of COVID-19 on the built environment and, more specifically, how it will influence religious services. We have analyzed the guidelines and followed the science to comprise data driven reopening guidance that leverages LAN’s knowledge of architecture, interior design, and building systems.

As a resource for our ecclesiastical clients LAN has created a free guide that covers short and long-term solutions that can help ensure safe in-person worship.

If your organization is currently working on mapping out your reopening and in need of assistance, contact us.