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LAN specializes as an architectural firm, with leading architectural designers, interior architects, residential architects and landscape architects.  As a leading New Jersey architect firm, LAN Associates prides itself in providing its clients with superior architect In-services for over fifty years.  We believe in the importance of high standards of quality as an architectural firm for all constructed projects, and our staff.

We hire skilled, educated, experienced architectural designers, interior architects, residential and landscape architects with a strong work ethic.  As a New Jersey architect firm, it is our mission is to provide our community with sustainable, inspirational and functional solutions that are designed to not only serve our clients current needs but also transcend future architectural designers and generations.  To accomplish our goal we are dedicated to three principles: providing expert services, dedication to our clients, and innovation.

 Our architectural designers are responsible for everything from site and master planning

Sample Work

Sample Work

of campuses to interior fit-outs of office buildings.  Our designers provide insight, vision and originality to projects to assist clients in achieving their goals.  We provide computer models to help clients visualize their facilities.   Designers start in the programming phase to develop an architectural program that reflects the needs of the client.  Next the program is transformed into sketched floor plans and elevations to describe the spaces and their adjacent/relationships to one another.

This phase is known as schematic design.  Once an approach is agreed upon, the sketches are further refined into design development documents.  These documents are more fully developed and show greater detail as to the design approach, finishes selected and overall aesthetic of the project.  After approval drawings move into the Construction Documents phase.  It is during this stage that a project is completely detailed to allow the project to be bid and built by a Contractor.

Part of the Construction Document phase includes assemblage of a written Project Manual or Specification which takes each component of a structure and explains items such as, testing criteria, installation procedure, warranty, and associated accessories.  Once a project moves into Construction, Designers remain involved to ensure the product constructed adheres to the Drawings and Specifications.  This is done through site visits, responses to RFI’s and clarifications, review of Shop Drawings and participation in Job Meetings.

 Our interior architects focus their work on all spaces within the shell of a building.  They work with the client to take their programmatic needs to translate such into a floor plan.  They also provide a vision and style to the interior that is reflective of the client’s needs.  Interior Architects, focus on finishes, lighting, colors and textures and how these come together to produce an overall aesthetic.

They can provide detailed drawings for built-in furnishings and casework that can then be fabricated by craftsmen.  Often they work with lighting designers to carefully select the quality of light in the space and the effect of color temperature on the space.  Color boards are assembled to show clients all the materials selected and their relationship to one another.  Renderings are compiled to give a perspective view of the resulting space.

 Our residential architects are responsible for the design and execution of single and

Residential Architecture Example

Residential Architecture Sample

multi-family dwellings.  This process includes starting from scratch with a new building lot or providing an addition to an already developed property.  Residential architects meet with homeowners to develop a list of requirements for their home.

These are then translated into drawings and then built-form.  Architects will review Ordinances within a town and determine bulk requirements and what variances may be needed.  When applicable, an architect will testify before Planning and Zoning Boards to present the building to the Town Officials for review and approval.  Final Drawings will be submitted to the Town for a building permit and construction.

 Our landscape architects are responsible for the design of the land surrounding a building. Landscape architecture covers a huge spectrum, perhaps best understood by the profession’s mantra: achieving a balance between the built and natural environments. It requires a multidisciplinary approach involving environmental science, art, ecology, and much more, leading to extraordinary results like restoring endangered wetlands, reducing hospital stays, securing government and other buildings, and removing toxins from rainwater.

Landscape architects plan and design land areas for parks, recreational facilities, private homes, campuses, and other open spaces. Landscape architects typically do the following: Confer with clients, engineers, and building architects to understand a project. Prepare site plans, specifications, and cost estimates.

As part of the architect NJ activities, LAN designs new buildings and innovative renovations and additions for schools, health care facilities, municipalities, government (state) agencies, churches, housing, residential, and commercial clients as a New Jersey architect firm. Aside from being a multi-disciplined architectural firm, we perform work in areas of civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and elevator engineering along with general architectural services.

New building design projects range from Single Family Residential to Campus Master Plans. We have been the sole source design team for $10-15 million dollar Assisted Living & Senior Living Facilities, Schools, Churches, Municipal Buildings, Offices, and Healthcare. Our team of 11 licensed architects, 10 intern architects, and technical support staff give a depth of expertise and specialization needed for various project types.

In addition to complete design services for new building design, major renovations and additions, we are also able to offer expertise with the following architectural specialties:

  •  ADA Compliance
  • Egress Studies
  • Cost Estimating
  • Schematic Designs
  • Lighting Design
  • Roof Analysis and Studies
  • Construction Observation
  • Masonry Investigation
  • Window & Door Replacement Projects
  • Elevator Design and Renovations
  • Building and Facilities Investigation
  • Renderings
  • Pool Facilities
  • Interior Renovations
  • Contract Administration
  • Master Planning
  • Water Infiltration Studies
  • Preparation of Statement of Works

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