First Presbyterian Church of Goshen

Project Overview

LAN provided electrical engineering services to renovate the clock tower at First Presbyterian Church in Goshen, New York. Constructed in 1871, the 186-plus foot tall church tower is one of the tallest standing structures in Orange County and serves as the Village clock in the heart of downtown Goshen.

The clock tower’s fluorescent lights were replaced with new modern LED strips that were fastened to a flexible PVC pipe installed behind the clock face. This change reduced energy consumption from 600 watts to less than 64 watts per clock face. By comparison, that is less energy than one incandescent lamp and the design has the added benefit of no maintenance requirements for more than 15 years.

Residents of Goshen and the surrounding areas view the clocktower as a point of pride, and the new lighting helps make the historic landmark recognizable throughout Orange County.


First Presbyterian Church of Goshen


Goshen, New York

Completion Date

November 2016




Electrical Engineering

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