Hawthorne Christian Academy Athletic Fields

Project Overview

The Hawthorne Christian Academy is a private K-12 school located in Hawthorne, NJ. The campus has limited space, forcing the school to use one athletic field surface for a variety of activities, including physical education classes, soccer, baseball, and softball games year-round. Despite the best efforts of the maintenance staff, over-use of the field’s natural grass left it in constantly poor condition. To solve this problem, the school retained LAN to provide civil engineering services to convert the grass field to artificial turf.

Artificial turf allows a field to be used for extended periods of play without the risk of damage. Funded by private donations, LAN oversaw all design and construction efforts, which included 88,000 square feet of new artificial turf, improved field fencing, a new chain-link backstop, and a retaining wall to level the field.

To increase field drainage and minimize the downtime between playable conditions, the new turf field’s stormwater improvements were integrated into the site’s existing larger stormwater infrastructure. LAN identified nearby wetlands and designed a field that remained complaint with all required DEP regulations.


Hawthorne Christian Academy


Hawthorne, NJ

Project Size

112,500 sf

Completion Date

June 2018


K-12 Education


Civil Engineering

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