Longview Assisted Living Residence at Christian Health Care Center

Project Overview

LAN Associates worked in partnership with Merlino Design to provide design services for the renovation of the Longview Assisted Living Residence at Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) in Wyckoff, New Jersey.  The decades old building was rebuilt to accommodate the current needs of residents with minimal displacement. The facility remained fully occupied while the design team reconfigured and renovated the space.

The renovation added connectivity to public spaces which created a new sense of community and opportunities for programming and better usage for residents, families, and guests. The entrance was altered to present a more inviting experience upon entry and larger spaces were created including a great room, village square, and dining room. The renovation also included new traditional detailing, patterning, ornate lighting, and interior finishes. 

The project was nationally recognized in the Environments for Aging (EFA) Design Showcase for its interior renovations in Spring 2018. 


Christian Health Care Center


Wyckoff, NJ

Project Size

16,000 sf

Completion Date



Senior Living, Health Care


Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Construction Admin

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