Courtyard at Memorial High School Haddonfield

Project Overview

As the Architect-of-Record for the District, LAN provided architecture, civil engineering, and construction administration services for the design of a new courtyard at Memorial High School in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

LAN was previously hired to design and administer the construction of the adjacent three-story air handling unit addition. Because this project came in under budget, the District allocated funding towards the courtyard improvement project. LAN worked in close collaboration with the district’s administration, school principal, local landscape architect, and the Haddonfield Educational Trust (HET), to design the multi-function outdoor student gathering space which doubles as a student instruction area. The project included the demolition of an underutilized asphalt parking area and the construction of a new gated outdoor learning & gathering space, which is concrete paved with curbed planters and vegetation.

The courtyard includes a tiered seating learning space connecting a paved gathering area that features a branded Haddonfield ‘H’ brick paver inlay with mulched landscaping beds of thoughtfully selected vegetation around the perimeter. A tensioned fabric structure is positioned above to provide shade and encourage student congregation, as the space also serves as overflow to the adjacent cafeteria. Ornamental gates flank each side of the open-ended courtyard, satisfying the district’s security concerns. Furniture was carefully selected by the HET and LAN to fulfill the space’s functional and flexibility requirements, while providing a sustainable and modern look that compliments the area.

The courtyard is a unique space, built with a 1920, 1970, and 2005 wing around it. Unforeseen conditions were uncovered during construction relative to underground stormwater lines, and unique construction that was not on the building’s record documents. LAN worked diligently to understand, analyze, and solve the issues with the contractor to bring this exciting project to completion.


Haddonfield Board of Education


Haddonfield, NJ

Project Size

6,665 sf

Completion Date

May 2022


Educational K-12


Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Administration

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