Private Client Ground Water Investigation & Remediation

Project Overview

LAN assisted a northern New Jersey Board of Education (BOE) with a 20-year-old lingering NJDEP groundwater spill case. LAN reviewed decades of information that was collected by various consulting firms, working on the site performing traditional investigation, sampling, and monitoring. However, the results did not provide a well-defined conceptual site model (CSM).

LAN worked with S2C2, Inc. of Raritan, New Jersey to reevaluate the traditional CSM by advancing direct sensing tools to acquire continuous data profiling of subsurface conditions. Probes collected detailed soil characteristics using Electrical Conductivity (EC), Hydraulic Profiling tool (HPT), and Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) to reexamine subsurface conditions at the site. Data collected from the direct sensing investigation provided more information than the past 20 years of investigations including extensive background and understanding of the subsurface conditions. The direct sensing data, and the soil and groundwater analytical data were evaluated using a combination of ESRI’s ArcGIS and Ctech’s Earth Volumetric Studio Software (Studio) . The data analysis and three-dimensional (3D) data visualization was used to develop an updated CSM for the Site.

The data analysis and 3D-data visualization helped pinpoint the zones requiring remediation, which lowered remedial cost estimates by 30%.


Private Client


West Milford, NJ


K-12 Education


Environmental Services, Surveying

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