NJDOT Netcong Fuel Facility Installation

Project Overview

LAN designed a new state-of-the-art fueling facility for the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) at the Maintenance Yard in Netcong, New Jersey.  One of the largest fueling stations in the state, the facility sits at a prime location off Route 80 that has direct access to and from both east and westbound routes. The job was centered around optimizing the essential and busy location while replacing previously removed old and leaking underground storage tanks.  In the process, LAN provided a series of other upgrades to the station that make it safer, cleaner, and more advanced. With its completion, everyone from snowplow drivers to state troopers and all manner of state employees can take advantage of easy access refueling. 

To develop a basis of design, LAN reviewed similar stations in both Newark and Hanover to evaluate best practices and come to conclusions on areas of improvement. Based on this assessment, the facility was upgraded with a more modern aboveground fueling installation with spill containment, interstitial monitoring, and inventory control. All design elements provide a cleaner environment including the decision to use aboveground tanks and piping. 

The complete engineering design of the new fueling facility required a multi discipline team of experts. LAN’s in-house team was able to overcome project hurdles involving environmental regulation of onsite wetland areas, accommodation of a diverse set of vehicles and their navigation requirements and obtaining permission to have a portion of the structure in a utility easement.  Along with solving these problems, LAN’s team provided the necessary boundary and topographic surveys, flood hazard area compliance, and geotechnical investigations needed to complete the project. The Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC) provided project management. The Wallkill Group was retained to serve as the project’s contractor.


NJ Division of Property Management and Construction


Netcong, New Jersey

Completion Date

October 2020




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