Heritage Manor West Lounge Addition & Nursing Unit Renovation

Project Overview

LAN was retained by Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) to provide an addition and renovations to their existing nursing unit, Heritage Manor West. The design integrated key principles of the Green House Model, a new standard for skilled nursing care that returns control, dignity, and a sense of well-being to seniors, their families, and direct care staff.

The common space was designed with a family-like atmosphere, allowing residents to be able to sit in a living or dining room that resembles a home. The kitchen allows residents to take part in preparing food and engaging in other activities associated with home living. The exterior of the building was designed to transform the building, removing the institutional aspects, and replacing them with residential massing and detailing.


Christian Health Care Center


Wyckoff, NJ

Project Size

1,122 sf (addition) 10,216 sf (Renovation)

Completion Date



Senior Living


Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Construction Admin

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