NJDOT South HQ Cherry Hill HVAC Equipment Replacement

Project Overview

LAN was retained to upgrade the existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system at the New Jersey Department of Transportation South Headquarters located in Cherry Hill, NJ. The project included the removal and replacement of all existing HVAC equipment and controls throughout all three floors, and the roof of the occupied building. 

Individual temperature and humidity control was provided to all spaces throughout the facility via the installation of two new eighty ton, high efficiency, packaged, cooling and ventilation RTU’s, sixty-three VAV boxes with re-heat, and three high efficiency, modulating, condensing hot water boilers. The new RTUs include Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization air filtration to treat airborne pathogens, VOCs, odors, and other particles in the air stream. 

New heating and cooling load and ventilation calculations were performed resulting in 20 tons of cooling saved when compared to the original design, saving the client money on gas and electrical utilities. 

The Traffic Operations Center was provided with new computer room air conditioning units for their dense data center space, as well as a dedicated HVAC unit for their office space. 

The building management system was completely replaced, and all new equipment was provided with web-based direct digital controls and a new front-end graphical user interface. The system allows the user to completely control the HVAC system, and provides alarm alerts. 

As not to disrupt the day-to-day function of the space, all work was completed during second shift, on weekends, and around the schedule of the fully occupied building.




Cherry Hill, NJ

Project Size

51,000 sf

Completion Date

October 2019




Mechanical, Electrical, Construction Admin

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