Oakland Elementary STEAM Lab

Project Overview

In December 2019 Oakland, New Jersey Public Schools opened its first Elementary School STEAM Lab. The new facility was built to further student interest in the STEAM curriculum and to provide new opportunities for course methodologies for district students. It is one of the first upgrades in the district that promote the STEAM curriculum and the learn by doing educational philosophy.

On one side of the room, a full height whiteboard wall invites teachers and students to sketch ideas while following the engineering design loop. On the opposite side of the room, a vertical LEGO wall allows students to explore three-dimensional building in a unique way. In the center of the room, rearrangeable furniture allows groups of students to collaborate and work on early prototypes of designs. With overhead cord reels highlighted by a series of colorful clouds, students are able to plug in devices and tools throughout the space. Finally, a “solo build” countertop with glazing into the corridor allows students outside the room a glimpse into the inventive space to pique interests in the variety of work occurring inside.

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