South Orangetown Central School District Electric Upgrades

Project Overview

LAN was commissioned to install a new 450kW emergency diesel generator and to design a new 208V, 3P, 4W, 3000-amp electric service upgrade at the Tappan Zee High School for the South Orangetown Central School District. The electrical upgrades were crucial to ensuring the space could fulfill its purpose as a designated emergency relocation facility 

The rewiring of the corridor lighting within the 240,000-sf facility specified that every other lighting fixture be recircuited to a remote lighting relay panel and the emergency lighting was designed to be operated by a time clock.  

After normal school hours, the emergency lighting can be controlled with remote low voltage switches installed in the corridors. NY State mandates emergency lighting in bathrooms so LAN also ordered the installation of occupancy sensors in the bathrooms and photocells in the vestibules.  

When the facility loses normal utility power, the emergency transfer switch communicates with the remote lighting relay panels and overrides the local area switching. When this happens, all emergency lighting is activated.  

The boiler room, auditorium house lights, auditorium HVAC unit, and the entire gymnasium are backed up by the generator with separate transfer switches. The 650-gallon fuel subbase of the generator acts as a “day tank.” LAN specified the installation of a custom pump skid with fuel polishing and leak detection to refuel the generator fuel base from a 10,000-gallon underground storage


South Orangetown Central School District


Orangeburg, New York

Project Size

240,000 sf

Completion Date

September 2015


K-12 Education


Electrical Engineering

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