LAN Establishes New Department of Land Use Regulations

March 1, 2016

LAN is pleased to announce that we are now featuring Land Use Regulations as a new area of business development directed by Chris Guddemi.   Land Use Regulation services include wetlands, stream encroachment, flood hazard areas, coastal permitting and similar types of services for programs generally covered under the NJDEP’s Land Use Regulation program as well as similar DEP, local and other jurisdictional programs.

Do regulated areas exist on my project site?  How are the limits of regulated areas defined?  Is my proposed project a regulated activity?
Understanding whether or not land use restrictions encumber a project site is imperative to maintaining an accurate project schedule and budget.  Our design philosophy is to determine the presence or absence of regulated areas during the initial planning and conceptual design phase.  Identifying the boundaries of these areas and promptly evaluating potential permitting requirements is vital to avoiding project delays and unanticipated costs.  Our environmental and land use services ensure that the site is capable of sustaining the proposed development in accordance with applicable regulations.

Meet the Director
Chris Guddemi has close to 15 years of experience in this area and has become LAN’s go-to person when project needs arise. He has been presented as LAN’s expert for these services and recently made a presentation at the New Jersey Association for Floodplain Management’s Annual Conference entitled “Options for Determining the Flood Hazard Area of Unmapped Waters”.

For more information or questions regarding land use regulations, please contact Chris Guddemi, Director of Land Use Regulation Services.