Longview Residence Receives National EFA Showcase Award

June 7, 2018
National EFA Showcase Award 2018

LAN Associates was recognized in the Environments for Aging (EFA) Annual Design Showcase, recently published in the spring 2018 issue. Longview Assisted Living Residence at Christian Health Care Center in Wyckoff, New Jersey was awarded for its innovative design. In partnership with Merlino Design, LAN provided interior renovations to the spaces while, the facility remained fully occupied.

In order to properly meet the needs of the clients, LAN and Merlino teamed together to provide interior renovation designs to create a new sense of community throughout the facility. Prior to renovations, the residential building was confined, restricting residents to make best use of the space. The entrance to Longview was modified to offer a gracious and inviting hospitality experience as one enters the building. Through the creation of larger, open spaces and interior finishes throughout the Great Room, Village Square, and Dining Room, the renovated facility allows for new programming and offers better usage for residents, families, and guests.

Christian Health Care Center is a long-term client of ours,” said Laura Schluger, Project Architect of LAN Associates. “We’ve always appreciated their support for residents’ needs. As the building was approximately 18 years old, we successfully implemented a new, collaborative, open space, fostering a community for residents.”

The EFA Design Showcase recognizes both architectural and interior projects that include innovative ways to address problems faced by senior care facilities across the nation. Each year, a jury is selected to review submissions and present awards. The projects are released in the Spring edition of Environments for Aging.