Aspire Brewing

Project Overview

LAN was contracted by Sonny Patel Brewing Company, Inc., a startup brewing company, to provide architecture services for the renovation of ~30,000 sf of existing warehouse space to create a new hospitality establishment called Aspire Brewing. The project included a 6,500 sf commercial brewery space to craft microbrews, a 12,100 sf restaurant space that consists of a beer hall and a taproom, a 1,700 sf outdoor seating area, a 2,300 sf game room, and a ~2,000 sf commercial kitchen.

The restaurant includes both a taproom and a beer hall. Patrons can choose between the craft beer bar or a traditional restaurant experience in the taproom. In the beer hall, there are currently over 30 beers on tap. RFID scanners allow visitors to pour their own beer and the technology calculates the volume of the serving and automatically bills the patron. On-site entertainment includes a space for axe throwing and a golf simulator as well as cornhole and Jenga for guests. Aspire Brewing also hosts live music, and guests can take advantage of the outdoor seating areas carved from the former interior retail space.

The aesthetic of the taproom has a darker, more intimate environment with storefront glazing flanking the bar that offers expansive views of the brewery allowing visitors to watch the brewing process unfold. The beer hall was designed to be a brighter and more lively space, while the exterior facade was modernized to strengthen and support the branding of the brewery and its beer. The commercial brewery space was designed to accommodate everything needed to brew and can beer, with room set aside for future expansions.

A 1,000 sf drive-in freezer was designed in the space to house the beverages after they have been brewed. Industrial-grade ceramic tiles were chosen specifically for the needs of the brewing operation and are easily washed down to keep the space hygienic. The design is very industrial, with large stainless-steel vats and canning equipment.


Sonny Patel Brewing Company, Inc


Middletown, NY

Project Size

30,000 sf

Completion Date

July 2023




Architecture, Construction Administration

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