Interns Envision the Art of Jenga

July 28, 2015

LAN Associates hosted on June 4, 2015 its 50th anniversary party at The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey. After the party, our interns were put to the test; take a batch of Jenga blocks that guests signed throughout the party and build a three dimensional guestbook.   (Pictured left to right) Arjun Patel, Kristen Frawley, and Ryan Hariton, let their imaginations run wild.

Their idea provided a new spin on the eroding tower game of Jenga and created an out of the ordinary curvilinear and organic design. Limited only by the size of the display table, the team let the guestbook flow in multiple dimensions while still maintaining a strong structure. Finished with the blue LAN letters in front, the three alluded to an early idea while keeping the company logo and colors as a centerpiece. We hope all our guests can appreciate the team’s creativity and can find their block!

Enough about Jenga, meet our summer interns!  Kristen Frawley, our Civil Engineering intern, recently finished her first year at Messiah College. At LAN, Kristen has been working with Chris Guddemi on various projects. Ryan Hariton is an Engineering Business intern and will be starting his final year at Penn State this fall. Ryan has been working under Steve Secora on Ramapo High School among other educational projects. Arjun Patel is a Mechanical Engineering intern that recently graduated from NJIT. Arjun has been assisting Tom Wighard and Alex Li on various educational and housing authority projects. We’d like to thank our interns for all of their hard work and hope they enjoy their time with LAN this summer!